Who Is Tim?

Adventurer. Speaker.
Cancer Survivor.
Sightless Visionary.
A Fighter and a Giver.

Tim at Mt Sherman summit

My mission is to inspire others to live their lives to the fullest.

I was 15 years old when they told me I had T­cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia. This horrible disease would eventually go on to take my sight. I learned first hand we can’t take anything for granted. I also learned that even though we can’t control some of the things that happen to us in our lives, we have all the power in our hands to live the lives we want (or choose).

Taking these lessons to heart, I have managed to go on to accomplish many feats such as a trek through the Grand Canyon, and I know with the right mindset the sky is the limit. Although accomplishing goals I set out on provides me with immense satisfaction, what truly makes me happy is when I can use my story to inspire others to do incredible things. If there is one thing I hope people get out of my story, it is that no matter what barriers lie in your way, with the right mindset NOTHING can stop you.

Inspiring Speaker

Cancer Survivor

Sightless Visionary

Unshakeable Belief

Adventure outside of your comfort zone
For me, this means getting out and doing the things that may scare you or that you don’t believe you will ever be able to do in order to be successful

Fear is strong, but the truth is we are stronger

Also, I’ve honestly learned that life is really no fun when you never leave your comfort zone

If I had never adventured outside of my comfort zone originally I would never be embarking out on the next big journey of my life

Live in alignment with your core values
If you don’t stand for anything then you’ll fall for everything.

There is a reason people say that

One of the biggest keys to being successful is knowing who you are and sticking to that in whatever you do

Although I thought I had a good idea what these values were for me, until I actually sat down and wrote I was all over the place, and by the time I listed out all of my values I had over 50

At that number those words aren’t really principles to live by, but are just a list of words you think you identify with.

I’ve now worked hard to narrow down that list to 5, the next piece of this principle is making sure to remember these values when you make important decisions in your life

Incorporate others in your life community
When it comes to success this is probably one of the most if not the most important principles, and if you ever want to achieve anything great, heed the warning that you can never do it alone

When it comes to this principle there are two big things that come to mind for me

One is treat others well, and two is surround yourself with the right people

Although these ideas may seem obvious, like I said they can make all the difference

When it comes to treating people well I tend to think of how I would treat a celebrity, and then apply that much interest, amazement, and awe to whomever I am speaking to

I can be the first to say it is hard sometimes because sometimes we are so involved in what we are doing to think of others first, but how could you not like someone who treats you like you would treat a celebrity

Also, you never know who you could be talking to, so treating someone nice could be the difference between achieving what you want in life, or missing out on an opportunity that you ignored because you couldn’t see it with your eyes

The second piece to this as I mentioned is surrounding yourself with the right people

Right now my good friend Robert Brace, is assisting me in my project to conquer MounTimpossible

We complement each other well, and I know I would not be close to achieving anything on this project if it weren’t for him in my life to help me

View the world optimistically vision
As Jonathan Sprinkles once said are you the thermostat or the thermometer

Are you the person who is the beacon of positivity that people want to surround yourself with, or are you the person seeking others to provide you with optimism

What I have learned throughout my journey is being positive is a decision, and it is much easier to make when you appreciate what you have in your life

If you haven’t lately, I challenge you to write down as many things as possible that you are grateful in your life,

Also, as shocking as this may sound, I am at the point in my life where I say I am grateful for cancer and blindness

Without those two experiences I wouldn’t be anywhere near where I am today, and I like to say the going blind from cancer actually opened up my eyes to what was right in front of me

Also, another part to viewing the world optimistically is remembering to laugh

I love making jokes, and I even laugh at my own jokes so you know I am funny

I can say I have experienced some really horrific experiences in my life, but like I said before I choose to make the decision to be positive, and that is how I have come up with stories like when I decided in the hospital to pretend I was captain underpants with a towel tied around my neck, but that’s a story for another time.

Experience the life you want to live
When I think of this principle the words that come to my mind are dare to dream and perseverance

First dare to dream

When I originally set out to climb Mount Kilimanjaro I had never even summited the smallest mountain, let alone the highest non-technical mountain climb in the world, but I didn’t let that stop me

I chose to think of the one reason why I could do it versus the 1000 of reasons why I couldn’t, and that is what has driven me forward to where I am with the project today

Now I’d like to say experiencing the life you want is as easy as it sounds, but it isn’t

That is why it is important to always remained focused and persevere towards what you want to achieve

Edison failed 1000s of times before getting the light bulb right, Lincoln lost multiple campaigns before becoming the president of the United States, and I can say I have fallen a lot to get to where I am today

In these moments I get frustrated, I think how easy it may be to give up, but all that doesn’t matter because the power to experience the life we want is in our own hands

I use the focus of how I am going to be able to help many others going through similar situations that I went through, and every time I think about that I feel empowered to keep on moving forwards to accomplish my goals

Moving mountains, together.